Lambeth Council announced a new wave of tree planting in the borough, including various roads in Thurlow Park. We’ve always championed the planting of trees in the ward and are really pleased that this further programme will bring the overall number of trees Lambeth wide since 2009 up to 4,000. 

This is good news for our community and continues our pledge to make local streets cleaner and greener for residents.

The planting of new trees will include:

Ardlui Raod
Lancaster Avenue
Romola Road
Rosendale Road
Thurlow Hill

Whilst contributing to creating a more attractive environment for all, tree planting will also improve the overall environmental quality, (including air quality and noise reduction), of our roads and local community. 

The tree species will be carefully selected and will be appropriate for their locations. 

Trees benefit local communities in many ways including:-
*   They absorb greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, which in turn helps to combat climate 

*   They offer not only shade as protection from the sun, but also cool places for people to enjoy 
during periods of high temperature. 

*   They intercept rainwater helping to prevent localised flooding. 

*   They are an essential element of our local biodiversity, supporting wildlife through providing 
habitats for feeding and breeding as well as shelter. 

*   They can help to reduce noise pollution within the busy environment if they are planted as dense 
walls, hedges or avenues.

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