Norwood Road – bollards, trees, benches and grot spots

A public consultation is now underway on the proposed location of trees, benches and bollards which will go in along Norwood Road between Robson Road and Tulse Hill station under the Streetworks project.

Please advise Streetworks of your views on the types of trees and possible locations, and also on sites for bins and bollards.

Identified actions needed to tidy up the street scene includes repainting all the post boxes, removing redundant street furniture e.g. relocating the temporary bike rack outside The Old Library,  and relocation of commercial waste bins.

You can email your thoughts to

Better Streets

Back in November 2017 we wrote on this blog about the exciting work we were undertaking to try and bring about better ways to help residents improve their streets. It is hoped that with resident engagement we will help to make local streets a better place to live; whether through greening, more trees, traffic calming measures, and improving road safety more generally.

After much discussion with both officers and residents we have been able to secure a drop in event for local residents on Saturday 24 March in the Salvation Army between 12:00 – 15:00. 

Flyers like the one below have been distributed across Thurlow Park, and we invite you to attend to share your ideas. There will be light refreshments available, Officers will be on hand to answer questions, and residents can complete the questionnaire which will also be available.

If you are not able to attend please do complete the online questionnnaire ( or visit to find out more. The consultation will close on Friday 06 April 2018.

Lambeth Council announced a new wave of tree planting in the borough, including various roads in Thurlow Park. We’ve always championed the planting of trees in the ward and are really pleased that this further programme will bring the overall number of trees Lambeth wide since 2009 up to 4,000. 

This is good news for our community and continues our pledge to make local streets cleaner and greener for residents.

The planting of new trees will include:

Ardlui Raod
Lancaster Avenue
Romola Road
Rosendale Road
Thurlow Hill

Whilst contributing to creating a more attractive environment for all, tree planting will also improve the overall environmental quality, (including air quality and noise reduction), of our roads and local community. 

The tree species will be carefully selected and will be appropriate for their locations. 

Trees benefit local communities in many ways including:-
*   They absorb greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, which in turn helps to combat climate 

*   They offer not only shade as protection from the sun, but also cool places for people to enjoy 
during periods of high temperature. 

*   They intercept rainwater helping to prevent localised flooding. 

*   They are an essential element of our local biodiversity, supporting wildlife through providing 
habitats for feeding and breeding as well as shelter. 

*   They can help to reduce noise pollution within the busy environment if they are planted as dense 
walls, hedges or avenues.

Last February we posted on the forthcoming tree planting that was to take place in the ward, and which was due in large part to the residents of Thurlow Park. 

The residents association on Chancellor Grove are a great example of a positive community in action.

As an update we wanted to let residents now that while we await trees to be planted in Guernsey, Harpenden, Ulverstone and Deronda we expect to see Romola, Berwyn and Deerbroke added to the tree replacement list for next season. 

More trees coming to Thurlow Parks’ streets

Over the coming months lots of new trees will be planted across the borough, and specifically, in Thurlow Park, as well as in other parts of Norwood. 

This comes after much hard work from many residents. We will continue to support residents that requests treee so please let us know if your street needs a tree replaced. 

The streets that should see new trees are; St Faiths, Guernsey, Deronda, Elmcourt, Birkbeck Hill, Carson, Rosendale, Tulsemere, Chancellor, Arduli, Eastmearn, Lancaster, Harpenden, and Ulverstone. 

Surveyors doing a topographical survey of Rosendale Road for Quietways

There was some concern about SV Surveyors doing some work on Rosendale Road, following conversations they had with residents.

We have confirmed with Lambeth and with Sustrans that they have no plans to remove trees along Rosendale Road. Only designs which come from ideas and suggestions during co-design events, meetings with businesses and residents’ associations will be put forward at the design showcases on 6th and 9th December.

We have been very clear that communication needs to be regular and transparent, and that we would not support the removal of Rosendale Road’s trees.