Extra gritting for West Norwood

Anyone who has braved the outdoors for the last couple of days will have seen that we are in the middle of a cold snap, with snow and ice. 

Because of the inclement weather, extra care is taken to make roads across Lambeth accessible. Where possible we pre-grit the main routes before ice forms or snow falls in a decided priority order across the borough. 

This priority order is: 

  • Priority
    1 roads = All main roads (most bus routes). 
  • Priority
    2 roads = Roads that access essential public services such as hospitals, fire
    stations, ambulance stations plus at least one access route from the main road
    network to every community. 

A map showing these routes is available here – https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/parking-transport-and-streets/streets-and-roads/winter-gritting-guide 

Tomorrow morning at 3am, all Priority
1 and 2 routes in Norwood, Streatham, Clapham, Brixton and Waterloo will be
salted at 3am Wednesday morning.  Cul de sacs will also be salted, as will roads with sheltered housing on them. 

Because West Norwood is hillier than other parts of the borough, our neighbourhood will be given special focus.

You can volunteer to become a snow warden to clear ice and snow from your pavements to help keep your street safe.You can individually, or as part of a group. All snow wardens receive tools and training. If you, or a group of neighbours, would like to do this, you can email SnowWardens@lambeth.gov.uk, or any of Anna, Fred and Max for more information.

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