Ira Court visit and cllr response

As local cllrs we were in Ira Court recently, talking to residents about the issues that matter to them. A number of issues came up which we have taken action on:
• We have raised the problem of the broken lift in block A with L&Q who issued a 24 hour emergency job to the contractor to fix. We have expressed our disappointment that residents had to wait 10 days with no lift.

• We also raised a complaint about the broken panels in the ceiling of block B and L&Q have assured us that this work will be scheduled as soon as possible.

• A number of EU residents living in Ira Court expressed their concerns about what a Conservative hard Brexit means for their future living and working here. We have written to every EU citizen living in Ira Court to explain the work that we are doing to fight to protect the rights of EU citizens.

• We have raised residents’ concerns about smoking and antisocial behaviour in the stairwells and corridors with the local Safer Neighbourhoods police team and will ensure this is on the agenda at their next panel meeting.

As your local Labour councillors, we are always happy to help, and we regularly doorknock in the ward to listen to residents’ concerns, hold advice surgeries for residents to raise individual concerns, organise drop-in consultation events and public meetings on local issues, and attend resident association meetings.

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