Action taken on dangerous building site on Deronda Road

We have been very concerned about the state of the plot of derelict land on the corner of Deronda Road and Norwood Road. While planning permission was granted for 4 new flats (Ref: 16/05859/FUL), all that seems to have happened is a dangerous demolition job. We are unhappy that it blocks the pavement and that the rubble and dumped rubbish is open, unsafe and unsightly. 

We have made regular complaints to officers in planning enforcement regarding this site, and are pleased to share that we have been successful in getting a s215 notice issued. This is a legal notice forcing the land owner to clear the waste, rubbish and debris from the site; to secure the side and rear access with proper hoarding; and to maintain the land in a tidy and safe condition. 

While we are waiting for the landowner to take action following the legal notice, we have worked with the Highways department to get temporary safety barriers put up around the site.

Please continue to send any concerns to us – we will continue to raise this issue until we are satisfied that the landowner has taken all necessary steps.

Deronda triangle CPZ

Thurlow Park ward Labour candidates (Max, Anna and Fred) have been working with residents of the Deronda Triangle Area Residents’ Association to support their work as they call upon the Mayor and Council to reduce the controlled parking hours from 10 hours (08:30 – 18:30) to 2 hours a day. Alongside residents we have been collecting signatures and making residents aware of the petition.

Parking is one of the many traffic related issues we hear about on the doorstep as we talk to residents. Since 2010 Labour have made a unprecedented capital investment in upgrading and improving Lambeth’s highways. Over 140 roads and pavements have beneffited from almost £50m worth of works. We will go further in the next four years and have committed to tackling pot holes and cracked and uneven pavments along more than 130 miles of roads and pavements.