Field Day Licensing Application for Brockwell Park – we want to hear your views

Brockwell park is host to Field Day from the 1-3 of June. This is a much larger commercial event than the park has previously hosted and we are currently working with the organisers on managing and controlling the event.

We understand the concern about large events in Brockwell Park. We fought to block another larger event, Lovebox, from coming to the park, have refused permission for previous events that have not met the standards required in the park to return, and will
be having a post event consultation on whether Field Day comes back to the park next year.

As part of the authorisation process, Field Day has to go through a licensing application. This determines whether under the 2003 Licensing Act it can be granted a licence to sell alcohol and host live music. The Council’s licensing committee then has to review the application. This is a statutory process which is independent from political considerations. The committee is required to take the following four things into account.

  • the prevention of crime and disorder
  • the prevention of public nuisance
  • the promotion of public safety
  • the protection of children from harm

Field day are currently applying for a licence which runs from midday each day of the festivals and ends at 11pm on Friday and Saturday and 10:30pm on Sunday.

As your local councillors, we have been consistent in engaging with local residents, listening to views and concerns, and working on your behalf. Since Field Day and Lovebox first applied to come to Brockwell park, we have met with many residents’ groups, worked with community and park organisations, doorknocked local streets and organised a public meeting for Thurlow Park residents to have their say. We published our view on this website here before Christmas and lobbied hard to stop Lovebox from coming, and for Field Day to reduce the size of the event.

We are currently drafting a submission for the licensing committee to consider, on behalf of Thurlow Park residents, though we would also like residents to make their own submissions on the application itself, and how the event should be managed.

In particular we would like your views on:

  1. We are concerned about the lateness of the times on all evenings. In particular, we are concerned about the Sunday close time given that GCSE exams are the next day. We would like to move these hours back. What is your view on appropriate hours for the events to finish?
  2. How the dispersal should be managed in order to maximise public safety? – at the moment the plan is to exit largely through the Herne Hill entrance.
  3. Should there be a lower upper limit on the noise than the festivals last summer? There were a number of complaints about the noise and we want to get it right.
  4. Field Day have made some extensive commitments about immediate clear up as
    well as a general clear up. Where should there resources be targeted?
  5. Under the terms of the Licensing Act, is there anything else we should take
    into account?

To tell us what you think, you can email Cllr Fred Cowell on or respond using our online survey here. 

Parking, Harpenden Road & new  Zebra crossing proposal

Lambeth Council have issued a notice about proposals to ban vehicles proceeding in Norwood Road (with the exception of cyclists) from entering Harpenden Road, ban vehicles (all vehicles) exiting Harpenden Road from turning right into Norwood Road, make changes to the existing residents’ and shared use parking places in Harpenden Road and impose at any time waiting restrictions (double yellow lines) at those locations instead. 

The notice also looks to re-define the existing free limited time parking places so they better reflect the situation on the ground, install a new entry treatment (road hump) in Harpenden Road at its junction with Norwood Road and provide a new zebra pedestrian crossing in Norwood Road by Harpenden Road. 

The general effect of the Orders would be:–

(a)​ to remove a length of shared use parking place outside Nos.  1 to 7 Harpenden Road and reduce a length of shared use parking place in Harpenden Road at the side of Nos. 248/250 Norwood Road and impose at “any time” waiting restrictions (double yellow lines) instead;

(b)​ ban vehicles proceeding in Harpenden Road from turning right into Norwood Road;

©​ ban vehicles proceeding in Norwood Road from entering Harpenden Road (except pedal cycles);

(d)​ impose a compulsory left turn from Harpenden Road into Norwood Road; 

(e) redefine the length of certain existing Free Limited Time parking places in Harpenden Road so that they better reflect the situation on the ground (there will be no change to the terms and conditions of use).

All objections and other representations relating to the proposed Orders, cycle tracks or pedestrian crossings must be made in writing and all objections must specify the grounds on which they are made and should be sent to Barbara Poulter, Highways and Enforcement Group, Lambeth Council, 5th Floor, Blue Star House, 234-244 Stockwell Road, London SW9 9SP, by 5th January 2018.  

New CPZ – goes live!

The newly implemented CPZ’s will be going live on Monday 2 October 2017.

For details on the proposals please visit,

The majority of the onsite lining and signing works are complete, bar a few issues that are currently being tidied up. Due to the large nature of the CPZ there may be some other issues that come to light in the early phase of the implementation so please keep us posted and we’ll pass on all relevant information so any teething concerns can be resolved accordingly.

Lambeth are also introducing a new permitting system, which will be issuing virtual permits. If you have questions about these please go to;

Introduction of Electronic (Paperless) Parking Permits

Notive was recently given that the Council made the provision for “electronic”, paperless forms of resident’s permits, business permits, visitor’s permits, trade permits, teacher’s permits, primary care trust permits, doctor’s permits and car club permits, to be introduced as a method of recording payment of parking charges for the use of on-street parking and for the method of payment to be on-line.  

E-parking or paperless parking means that instead of the vehicle displaying a parking permit made of paper or card (a hard-copy permit) the registration mark of the vehicle in respect of which a parking permit has been granted will be held on record by the Council and that record will be accessed electronically by civil enforcement officers to determine whether a parking permit has been granted.  At first, e-parking permits will be available in addition to the existing hard-copy parking permits but they will replace those permits over time.

If you have any enquiries, please telephone Lambeth Parking Services Team on 020 7926 9000.

Quietways – update from the drop-in surgery this week

Surgery this week for Rosendale and Turney Road residents

This week we organised a surgery for residents on Rosendale
and Turney Roads, who will be directly affected by the Quietway going past
their homes – it was an opportunity for those residents to have a one-to-one
discussion with the scheme designers to work through any potential issues with
access to their homes or driveways once junctions are redesigned or speed bumps
put in. Designers will use residents’ feedback and local knowledge to ensure
the scheme doesn’t inadvertently cause issues for individual residents. Anyone who couldn’t attend, we have offered to visit individually – do let us know if you would like us to come and meet with you.

This surgery follows a number of meetings that we convened over
the summer between designers and stakeholder groups like the Rosendale
Allotments and the businesses on Rosendale Road to revisit designs and make
sure their concerns are taken on board. We have also doorknocked residents and
had individual meetings with anyone who wanted to discuss the plans but has
been unable to attend meetings.

The feedback from these meetings is being used by the
designers to revisit plans and draw up suggested changes to the design which
take on board local residents’ and stakeholders’ input.

Full public consultation in September

These new designs will come to full public consultation –
which will be four weeks of on- and offline opportunities to see plans,
comment, and speak with officers and councillors throughout September. We will
organise public exhibitions in Thurlow Park ward and Gipsy Hill ward, and will
circulate plans by email and on the Lambeth website.

This work to involve the local community follows our “call-in”
to the designs which went to a decision in June – we didn’t feel these designs
accurately incorporated local feedback and asked the cabinet member to withdraw
the decision to enable us to get the designers and residents round the table to
revisit sections where the designs weren’t good enough. We were also concerned that cycling groups didn’t support the designs either. 

We have consistently,
for the last two years, championed the importance of involving local residents –
from the start, we challenged a road closure that hadn’t been consulted on and
got it taken off the table. Over the last two years, we have organised many
public meetings, design workshops, stakeholder meetings with businesses and
other groups of residents, doorknocking, online surveys, public exhibitions and

Changes we have secured to the design

So far, we have ensured that parking is retained by Turney School, and that the changes to the Turney Road/ Rosendale Road junction meet the
access needs of the allotments. 

We continue to be unhappy about the proposal to
make Rosendale Road a through road at the junction with Parkhall, which would
involve removing the existing roundabout. We believe that this will encourage
traffic to speed up and will cause queues on Parkhall, without delivering the safety benefits that cyclists need – this is being
re-examined by designers who will come back to us with some new ideas. 

designers are also looking at adjusting the location of the proposed zebra crossing
by Scotch Meats so that we retain shopping parking spaces, following our meeting with businesses.

Investment to tackle speeding we are pleased about

However, the scheme isn’t all bad. We have shifted the focus
of the officers from just a cycling route to a scheme which delivers wider improvements for
everyone, with a much greater focus on walking, reducing speeding and air
quality than was possible when Boris was Mayor. 

The investment in Rosendale
Road is a unique opportunity to make sure we do get some changes made that
residents have asked us for – new zebra crossings, putting in a lot more cycling parking, getting rid of the useless “cushion”
speed humps we have now which encourage cars to swerve and speed and replacing
them with gentler humps which go across the full width of the road, more
planting and trees put in, and raised informal crossings on the side roads so
that cars must slow down instead of swerving round corners. 

As cyclists and pedestrians ourselves, we think that reducing average speed and preventing excessive speeding will have the greatest positive impact on Rosendale Road in terms of it being and feeling safer to travel along. We’re pleased that we will be able to invest in cycle parking and greening, and to work with businesses to improve the area outside their shops further. 

And while we’re happy to see these improvements on the table, we will continue to champion residents’ and businesses’ concerns about all the other
issues raised such as shopping parking and the Parkhall roundabout. We are also
keen to work with residents who live on the side roads, who experience high
levels of ratrunning traffic, to secure additional investment to help them to
reduce speeding on their roads too.

Restrictions on parking due to CPZ implementation

Below is a Lambeth Council notice regarding he implementation of the forthcoming introduction of CPZ on Trinity Rise, Brockwell Park Gardens and a small section of Norwood Road. 

If you have any questions please contact us. 

1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that to enable works to be carried out to implement the new Brixton Hill “D” and “F” Controlled Parking Zones and the new Vassall “V” Controlled Parking Zone and the extension of the Brixton “B”, Brixton “Q”, Camberwell “A”, Clapham “L” and Tulse Hill “H” Controlled Parking Zones, the Council of the London Borough of Lambeth intend to make an Order the effect of which would be to temporarily ban parking and waiting by vehicles (including waiting for the purpose of loading or unloading the vehicle) in the roads and lengths of roads specified in the Schedule to this Notice.

2.​The ban on parking and waiting by vehicles would only apply at such times and to such extent as shall be indicated by the placing of the appropriate traffic signs.

3.​The Order would come into force on 21st August 2017 and it would continue for a maximum duration of 3 months or until the works have been completed, whichever is the sooner.

Street parking conversion on Station Rise

Lambeth Council will converge existing on street parking places in Station Rise to a disabled parking place, a loading parking place, a limited free time parking place and the removal of other existing on street parking places.

1.​NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Council of the London Borough of Lambeth (“the Council”) on 19th July 2017 made the Lambeth (Tulse Hill) (Parking Places) (No. 1) Order 2017, the Lambeth (Free Parking Places) (Disabled Persons) (No. 3) Order 2017, the Lambeth (Free Parking Places) (Limited Time) (No. 3) Order 2017, the Lambeth (Loading Places) (No. 3) Order 2017 and the Lambeth (Waiting and Loading Restriction) (Amendment No. 263) Order 2017 under sections 6, 45, 46, 49 and 124 of and Part IV of Schedule 9 to the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended.  The Orders will come into force on 22nd July 2017.

2.​The general effect of the Orders will be to:-

(a) revoke an existing shared-use residents’/pay and display parking space on the south side of Station Rise, so as to provide:-
a. a new disabled persons’ parking place outside No. 11 Station Rise; and
b. a new shared-use loading place and limited free time parking place outside No. 12 Station Rise and at the side of No. 367 Norwood Road;
(b) revoke all other existing parking places in Station Rise and ban waiting at any time (except in the marked bays referred to above) in Station Rise instead.

3.​The disabled persons’ parking place will operate at any time and would be available for use only by vehicles which display in the relevant position a valid disabled persons’ blue badge issued by a local authority.

4.​The loading place will operate between 7 am and 10 am on Mondays to Saturdays inclusive and during these times only goods vehicles being continually loaded or unloaded for periods of not more than 30 minutes will be able to park in the loading place and vehicles will not be able to return to the loading place within 2 hours of leaving it.

5.​The limited free time parking place will be available for use between 10 am and 6.30 pm on Mondays to Saturdays inclusive for a maximum period of 20 minutes with no return to the parking place within 40 minutes of leaving it.

6.​The Orders are necessary to improve parking facilities for people with disabilities, provide loading/unloading facilities to enable the delivery/collection of goods and assist in regulating parking whilst encouraging a turnover for trade and shops in the area and so improve safety and the amenity of the area.

7.​If you have any enquiries, please telephone the Council’s Capital Programme Team on 0207 926 8406.

Proposed Controlled Parking Zone – extension H /Tulse Hill

In March /April 2017 there was a consultation on the possibility of a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) that would extend onto Trinity Rise, Brockwell Park Gardens and the section of Norwood Rd between Rosendale rd and Trinity Rise. It was suggested that the existing Tulse Hill ‘H’ CPZ be extended with bays and single yellow lines operating Mondays to Fridays between 12pm and 2pm.

The outcome of the consultation can be found here –

Implementation of the works programme will begin on Monday 07 August and take place for 4-6 weeks. 

Warning Notices will be put in place in the area to notify all road users when the zone becomes operational, which is envisaged to be 2 October 2017, though this is subject to change.

If you have any questions about how to pay for permit, whether you have to pay  and who to contact if you have any questions pease visit the below links;



Consultation for proposed Controlled Parking Zone begins

The council has taken the decision to proceed with the implementation of a Controlled Parking Zone in the ‘Brixton Hill’ area, subject to the outcome of a statutory consultation. 

This will have an impact on Trinity Rise, Brockwell Park Gardens and the section of Norwood road between the junction of Norwood road /Rosendale road up to Trinity Rise. The consultation runs from Wednesday 22 March to Wednesday 19 April 2017.

In short, the Council has agreed to proceed with a statutory consultation to:

introduce a new ‘D’ CPZ to be operational Mondays to Fridays between 8.30am and 6.30pm;

introduce a new ‘F’ CPZ to be operational Mondays to Fridays between 12pm and 2pm;

extend the existing Clapham L CPZ, with bays operating Mondays to Fridays from 10am to Noon and single yellow lines operating Mondays to Fridays between 9am and 6pm;

extend the existing Brixton Hill ‘Q’ CPZ, with bays operating Mondays to Fridays from 10am to Noon and single yellow lines operating Mondays to Fridays between 8.30am and 6.30pm;

extend the existing Tulse Hill ‘H’ CPZ, with bays and single yellow lines operating Mondays to Fridays between 12pm and 2pm.

For more information and to add your views please visit –

Disabled Parking Bays update

A recent public notice which appeared in the edition of The Lambeth Weekender dated 15th March 2017, provided the public with an update about disabled parking bays in the borough. 

As a result of this, we have been informed that Thurlow Park ward has seen new disabled bays added to Robson Rd, Thurlow Hill and Trinity Rise, while also seeing one disable bay being removed from Romola Rd.

If you have any enquiries about the above, please telephone Lambeth Council’s Highways Group on 020 7926 9318 or email: