Proposed Dalton street planning development refused

Cllr Fred Cowell has recently been busy working to investigate a development application that covered 21-27 and 28 Dalton Street, SE27. It’s the forth such development attempt over the last three years.

The new development project was for 17 luxury flats in a 4-storey build plus a basement building, to a height of 12m. Despite planning objections made in 2016 around issues of height, density, traffic/parking, daylight/sunlight restrictions, overlooking balconies, loss of commercial space, employment and negative impact on local amenities the new development plan did not seem take into adequate consideration these concerns within the new proposed scheme.

The plan was strongly opposed by local residents of Dalton Street, Lancaster Avenue, Chatsworth Way and Hawkley Gardens, all of whom would of been negatively affected by this proposal on a number of grounds. Cllr Fred Cowell worked with residents and the Planning Committee to share their concerns and we are pleased that this proposal was refused.

While we, and many local residents, support new housing in Lambeth we would also like to see schemes that reflects and enhance the adjoining areas and we will continue to work for, and behalf of, residents to this end.

Illegal use of Avenue Park Road development site

At the weekend we saw that the Avenue Park Road site, on the corner with Thurlow Park Road, was being used to dump rubbish and that a number of caravans had arrived.

We quickly contacted community safety and planning enforcement teams in Lambeth to ask that this be investigated as soon as possible, and that all steps necessary be taken to ensure the developer removes dumped waste, prevents the site from being illegally occupied, makes the health and safety of neighbouring residents a priority and secures the site properly to prevent this from happening again. 

Proposed development on Avenue Park Road

On Saturday 29 March Cllr. Ann Kingsbury alongside a large number of residents of Avenue Park Road and Maley Avenue met the Chair of Planning Applications Committee (PAC) – Cllr. Diana Morris – on Saturday morning when she visited the site of the proposed Avenue Park Road development.

The proposal to build a large block of flats alongside the railway line at Tulse Hill Station, comprising 42 dwellings and 2 commercial premises, which will extend from the South Circular to roughly the junction of Maley Avenue and Avenue Park Road has caused concern to local people.

Site visits are common for large developments. One or more members of PAC attend in order to see the physical context of a planning application before it goes to the committee the following week. On this occasion only Cllr. Morris was present from PAC though she was supported by 2 of the planning officers and a representative from the developers – Mayfair 500.

The purpose of the visit was an opportunity for local residents to discuss the proposal and to point out any specific issues /concerns that they want considered by the PAC. Cllr. Morris was asked to look at the site from Avenue Park Road, from the station and from local gardens to assess the impact of the proposals and to tour nearby streets where residents had asked her to consider the effect on a district already under parking stress.

The PAC meets to consider the Mayfair 500 application on 1st April 2014.