After much community, resident and Council work it is great to see these new additions at the bottom on Ullswater Road, just off from Norwood Road. 

Flytipping is an issue we take seriously and have been working hard with those in the local community to try and find ways to deal with the issue and where rubbish is dumped have it cleared quickly. 

Lambeth Council has for some time been running various campaigns to challenge flytipping including the recent ‘Not on Our Streets’ work and the development of ‘Street Champions’ –

For more information about, and ways to report flytipping, please visit –

Illegal use of Avenue Park Road development site

At the weekend we saw that the Avenue Park Road site, on the corner with Thurlow Park Road, was being used to dump rubbish and that a number of caravans had arrived.

We quickly contacted community safety and planning enforcement teams in Lambeth to ask that this be investigated as soon as possible, and that all steps necessary be taken to ensure the developer removes dumped waste, prevents the site from being illegally occupied, makes the health and safety of neighbouring residents a priority and secures the site properly to prevent this from happening again.