Further proposed removal and introduction of disabled parking places

Lambeth Council will; 1. remove the disabled persons’ parking places from the locations specified in Schedule 1 to this notice, and 2 introduce new disabled persons’ parking places at various locations across the borough. 

In Thurlow Park a space will be removed outside 129 Deerbrooke, while a new space will be created outside 83-85 Chancellor Grve and also outside 150 Trinity Rise. 

​If you have any enquiries, please telephone the Council’s Highways Group on 020 7926 9318 or email: highways@lambeth.gov.uk.g 

Disabled Parking Bays update

A recent public notice which appeared in the edition of The Lambeth Weekender dated 15th March 2017, provided the public with an update about disabled parking bays in the borough. 

As a result of this, we have been informed that Thurlow Park ward has seen new disabled bays added to Robson Rd, Thurlow Hill and Trinity Rise, while also seeing one disable bay being removed from Romola Rd.

If you have any enquiries about the above, please telephone Lambeth Council’s Highways Group on 020 7926 9318 or email: highways@lambeth.gov.uk

Bridge strikes on the South Circular

In the last few weeks, the problems of lorries driving into the railway bridge over Thurlow Park Road near Tulse Hill have resurfaced with two recent strikes which delayed trains into London and closed off the South Circular. 


We have been talking to local residents about the problem of this low bridge – not only is it hugely disruptive to local people, drivers and passengers, it also means most large vehicles are rerouted down Lancaster Avenue, a residential street with speed bumps and a 20mph limit. 

Cllr Anna Birley has had a number of discussions with Transport for London regarding the bridge. They have acknowledged that it is in the top ten railway bridges in the country for strikes by vehicles and that this causes huge cost and disruption to their strategic network. They have agreed that this should be a priority to fix.

However, there is no quick solution. In the short term, TfL hope to improve signage to prevent large vehicles travelling under the bridge at all. This will prevent strikes and delays but will not solve the problem of large vehicles travelling along Lancaster Avenue. We have asked that any new signage includes clear reminders of the 20mph speed limit to try to mitigate the impact of the lorries.

Anna has also ensured that officers only see this as a short term approach, and that it is essential in the longer term to either raise the bridge or lower the road so that larger vehicles can fit under the bridge without needing to divert along Lancaster Avenue. 

Officers have agreed to look at how this could be funded but are keen to stress that it would be a very difficult and expensive project. TfL have conducted an initial report into the situation and have spoken to Network Rail. They have agreed to try and conduct some tests in the road and pavement below the bridge to identify the location and depth of utilities, and we hope this can be completed over the next 6-12 months. This should help to identify viable options and will support the work we are doing to find funding.