Trinity Rise, Brockwell Park Gardens & Norwood Rd CPZ update

Lambeth Council recently held informal CPZ community engagement work carried out before Christmas 2016 with residents on Brockwell Park Gardens, Trinity Rise and Norwood Rd.

As we await the outcome of that engagement work, we wanted to let you now that once the report is made public we will endeavour to work with residents on the statutory consultation that may follow. And its important to remember that anyone can respond to this, not just residents in the affected area.

If a next stage were to progress residents will receive a letter in the post, statutory notices would be placed on lampposts for example, and as your local cllrs we would be happy to attend any resident meetings.

Possible local change and the impact that this can have on residents is important which is why we have looked to engage and communicate as much as possible. If you do have any questions or concerns please get in contact.

Here are local residents discussing parking at StreetWorks co-design workshop for Norwood Road and Tulse Hill. Streetworks is the £7million community led project to improve the street on Norwood Road funded by Transport for London. If you live, work, study, or travel in the area get involved.

Lambeth Parking Study

Many of you highlighted parking, and a review of controlled parking zones, as a key priority for your street. We have consistently been pushing for a review to make sure areas of stress were identified, tackle commuters leaving their cars near stations, look at the gaps left by existing zones and assess hours of current CPZs. 

We’re really pleased that a study is being conducted to analyse existing on-street parking demands across the borough, to see where and how extra controls are needed.

For full information, please see here on the Lambeth website.

Temporary ban on parking, waiting and loading on Idmiston Road

To enable flood alleviation works to be carried out, Lambeth intend to temporarily ban parking, waiting and loading by vehicles at any time in Idmiston Road, on both sides, from Ardlui Road to the common boundary of Nos. 45 and 47 Idmiston Road.

The times this is in effect will be indicated by traffic signs. This comes into force on 7th December 2014 and will continue for 1 month, or until the works have been completed (whichever is sooner)

Deronda triangle CPZ

Thurlow Park ward Labour candidates (Max, Anna and Fred) have been working with residents of the Deronda Triangle Area Residents’ Association to support their work as they call upon the Mayor and Council to reduce the controlled parking hours from 10 hours (08:30 – 18:30) to 2 hours a day. Alongside residents we have been collecting signatures and making residents aware of the petition.

Parking is one of the many traffic related issues we hear about on the doorstep as we talk to residents. Since 2010 Labour have made a unprecedented capital investment in upgrading and improving Lambeth’s highways. Over 140 roads and pavements have beneffited from almost £50m worth of works. We will go further in the next four years and have committed to tackling pot holes and cracked and uneven pavments along more than 130 miles of roads and pavements.