Update: the consultation on a bus to Peabody Hill

Between June and September last year, there was a public consultation about a proposed extension to the 315 bus to Peabody Hill. 

We expected to be able to share feedback from the consultation in January. However, as over 500 responses were received, it is taking TfL longer than usual to compile their report – the responses were very detailed and they are drafting responses to the long list of questions raised. 

We met with officers recently and discussed timelines for feedback. We expect to have both a Consultation Report and “Response to Issues Raised” by the end of February and will share them both here as soon as we receive them.

Bus consultation extended

In response to a request from residents, TfL have decided to extend this consultation until Thursday 3 September. They will accept online, email or postal responses until that date.

Full details of the consultation are at tfl.gov.uk/route-315. Responses can be submitted on the web page, by email to consultations@tfl.gov.uk or by post to FREEPOST TfL CONSULTATIONS (no stamp is needed). Please say ‘Route 315’ or ‘Peabody Hill’ on email or post responses.

We received a reply from TfL to our letter about the bus proposal. We sent a list of questions and concerns raised in the public meeting in March to TfL officers – their reply is highlighted in yellow.

We have printed a copy of this and sent it in the post to every resident who attended and signed in at the public meeting. If you would like a paper copy and don’t receive one, please get in touch.