Traffic disruption as Thames Water fix a leak on Tulse Hill

Thames Water are investigating a leak on one of their pipes on Tulse Hill.

They have a number of teams currently working on contingency plans with regards to turning off the main and the repair. They are aiming to have these plans in place within the next 24 hours so that they can then begin the repair job.

Residents should not experience any interruption to their water supply.

In terms of customer disruption they have two-way traffic lights in place on the junction between Tulse Hill and S.Circular Road.

In order to carry out the full repair, they will need to close a road and will be working very closely with Lambeth council in order to ensure that causes as little disruption as possible.

They are keen to reassure residents that they are working hard to ensure the leak in the pipe does not get worse.

Meet Sadiq’s new deputy mayor for the environment

Sadiq Khan has appointed Shirley Rodrigues to be the Deputy Mayor for Envrionment. She has previously worked in senior environmental policy roles, helping to implement the London Low Emission Zone and developing programmes to retrofit the capital’s buildings.

Ms Rodrigues has said that her priority is to make London one of the world’s most environmentally friendly cities, and is keen to tackle air pollution. Around 9,500 Londoners die from long term exposure to air pollution every year, and Sadiq Khan has said that tackling this is one of the biggest health emergencies facing the capital. Ms Rodrigues will be driving forward ambitious plans for a T-Charge for the most polluting vehicles, expanding the Ultra-Low Emission Zone and creating green bus zones.


Cleaner greener bus for Brixton

The Labour Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has confirmed his plans for Low Emission Bus Zones across London. These will identify the most polluted routes and prioritise them for the greenest buses in order to clean up our toxic air.

From October 2017, this will see big improvements to the A23 route between Brixton and Streatham. This route will be served exclusively by hybrid or diesel buses with top of the range anti pollutant systems whoch meet or exceed European standards. Lambeth is one of the two first schemes to benefit from the new plans and it is expected to reduce NOx emissions by over 80%.

Cllr Jennifer Brathwaite, Lambeth’s Cabinet Member for Environment & Transport said: “This is great news in the fight to improve London’s air quality. Brixton and Streatham see a huge amount of buses travelling through and it has had a real impact on air quality in the area. In Lambeth, we are determined to see our air quality improve and we welcome the new low emission bus zone – it is something that we have been lobbying the Mayor for and it is encouraging that he seems as determined as we are to make a difference. We will continue to work with the Mayor and TfL to make Lambeth a cleaner and safer place to live.”

See more information from the Brixton BID here.

Update: the consultation on a bus to Peabody Hill

Between June and September last year, there was a public consultation about a proposed extension to the 315 bus to Peabody Hill. 

We expected to be able to share feedback from the consultation in January. However, as over 500 responses were received, it is taking TfL longer than usual to compile their report – the responses were very detailed and they are drafting responses to the long list of questions raised. 

We met with officers recently and discussed timelines for feedback. We expect to have both a Consultation Report and “Response to Issues Raised” by the end of February and will share them both here as soon as we receive them.

We received a reply from TfL to our letter about the bus proposal. We sent a list of questions and concerns raised in the public meeting in March to TfL officers – their reply is highlighted in yellow.

We have printed a copy of this and sent it in the post to every resident who attended and signed in at the public meeting. If you would like a paper copy and don’t receive one, please get in touch.

Peabody bus – public meeting this Thursday

We hope that lots of you will be able to join us at 7.30 on Thursday 26th March to discuss proposals for a bus service to the Peabody Estate. The proposal comes out of many years of campaigning by residents on the estate and seeks to help connect up an isolated part of the ward with shops, transport links, places of work and local services.

The meeting this week will be attended by your local councillors, the residents’ association, Val Shawcross, deputy chair of the London Assembly Transport Committee and Dania Fitzgerald, Head of Neighbourhoods at Peabody.

This is not a formal consultation – this is scheduled to take place in June. Transport for London will be fully involved then. Until then, we hope the meeting will allow us to feedback community thoughts, comments or questions to TfL.

The purpose on Thursday’s meeting is to –
• Hear from councillors, Peabody, the residents’ association and Val Shawcross
• Share your views ahead of the consultation
• Ask questions
• Meet your neighbours!

We will be recording and feeding everything back to TfL so that residents’ ideas and concerns can be taken into account as TfL officers develop their detailed proposal.

In the past, residents rarely have much opportunity to have input into proposals before the consultation begins, by which point the detailed plans have already been drawn up. We’re keen that residents are included much earlier in the process.

Peabody bus proposal – update

In response to many years of work by the Peabody Tenants’ Association, local councillors and our local Assembly Member, Transport for London have said that a bus route to the Upper Peabody estate would be practical
and have agreed in principle that such a service is possible. In taking
this proposal forward, they will thoroughly test and consult before anything
is decided or put in place. 

To be clear, no bus route to
the Upper Peabody estate has been decided on, and it would not go ahead
without a full consultation involving local residents. Its route, its
impact on local streets, and the bus stops
will all be up for discussion.

In order to start this process we are
holding a public meeting on 26th March, 7:30 – 9pm, at the community hall on the Upper Peabody estate. Please join us – we want to hear what you have to say.

To answer a few questions
that have been circulating recently – we don’t anticipate a significant
reduction in parking, although we do hope that a local bus service
would reduce the need for car travel. In regard to
the recent drawing of double yellow lines on the Upper Peabody estate in
supposed advance of a bus service coming this has not been done in
response to councillors, Lambeth Council or Transport for London. This
is a Peabody decision and we were not consulted,
informed or advised of yellow lines being drawn.

Tenants on the Peabody estate – both Lower and Upper – have been asking
for a bus service for a long time and were instrumental in getting the
proposal this far. A survey of residents on
the Upper Peabody estate has been conducted and Peabody received an
overwhelming response in favour of it. Residents of both the Upper
Peabody estate and the Birkbeck Triangle have written to us to express
their support – for many, particularly older residents,
parents with young children and disabled, the steep hill is a huge
barrier to going to the shops, visiting friends or getting to work, and a
bus will go a long way to helping. 

All the above is open for discussion and consultation. We hope that
you look to attend the public meeting next month in order to help shape
the debate surrounding this bus proposal.

Update 20/02/2015: In response to residents’ concerns that work was being carried out without their consultation, Peabody have halted the line drawing. We have had a guarantee from them that they will wait until anything is certain before drawing lines for a bus. Some yellow lines have been drawn which are nothing to do with the potential bus service, but which reiterate no parking zones already there. An additional carparking facility is being added to the estate which should create an additional 30 car parking spaces, so any loss of space should a bus service commence will be at least equalled by this new facility. We expressed residents’ concerns that carparks are poorly lit and do not feel safe, so better lighting will also be installed.

Progress for the Peabody bus

Max and Fred were joined by Val Shawcross, your London Assembly member, and officers from Lambeth and Transport for London to discuss the proposal of a new bus route to the Upper Peabody estate. While there are a few final hurdles, we are excited to have a timeline for the bus service to start!

The current plan would see the 315 single decker bus route being extended to the estate – this route was deemed to be the best as it is frequent and reliable. There are proposals for two bus stops on the estate, at the entrance by the community centre and at the other end by the grass, and the service could run from 6am to midnight 7 days a week.

Over 90% of residents in a recent survey would like to see a bus service extended to the estate – given the estate’s location with poor access to local shops and services this bus could make a huge difference.

The full business case should be complete this Autumn with a full consultation in the new year. We are looking to host a drop in event in February and hope the service will be running by the end of 2015.

Green light for a bus to Peabody Hill

The location of Peabody Hill can make it difficult for some people with young children, the elderly and those with disabilities to access the local shops, transport connections, places of work and other services. We want to help fix this, and so, have ben campaigning for a new bus route.

Your local Labour councillor, Ann Kingsbury and Labour Action Team see this as a priority for the area and have submitted have spoken with Lambeth Council, Transport for London, Peabody and the London Assembly and have worked with residents ho have organised a petition.

We are delighted that Lambeth Council have given their full support to our request ad have submitted their views on the urgent need for a service during recent TfL consultation. In response to a question from Val Shawcross AM, the Mayor has written saying that TfL understand the need for a service but caution that it will cause changes to traffic management locally.

As a result TfL have acknowledged our views on the ned for the bus service and have agreed to begin discussion with lambeth on how it can be delivered. Your Labour Action Team and Lambeth Council will continue to make the bus service a priority and will campaign to improve access across Thurlow Park ward.