New CPZ – goes live!

The newly implemented CPZ’s will be going live on Monday 2 October 2017.

For details on the proposals please visit,

The majority of the onsite lining and signing works are complete, bar a few issues that are currently being tidied up. Due to the large nature of the CPZ there may be some other issues that come to light in the early phase of the implementation so please keep us posted and we’ll pass on all relevant information so any teething concerns can be resolved accordingly.

Lambeth are also introducing a new permitting system, which will be issuing virtual permits. If you have questions about these please go to;

Introduction of Electronic (Paperless) Parking Permits

Notive was recently given that the Council made the provision for “electronic”, paperless forms of resident’s permits, business permits, visitor’s permits, trade permits, teacher’s permits, primary care trust permits, doctor’s permits and car club permits, to be introduced as a method of recording payment of parking charges for the use of on-street parking and for the method of payment to be on-line.  

E-parking or paperless parking means that instead of the vehicle displaying a parking permit made of paper or card (a hard-copy permit) the registration mark of the vehicle in respect of which a parking permit has been granted will be held on record by the Council and that record will be accessed electronically by civil enforcement officers to determine whether a parking permit has been granted.  At first, e-parking permits will be available in addition to the existing hard-copy parking permits but they will replace those permits over time.

If you have any enquiries, please telephone Lambeth Parking Services Team on 020 7926 9000.