Street parking conversion on Station Rise

Lambeth Council will converge existing on street parking places in Station Rise to a disabled parking place, a loading parking place, a limited free time parking place and the removal of other existing on street parking places.

1.​NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Council of the London Borough of Lambeth (“the Council”) on 19th July 2017 made the Lambeth (Tulse Hill) (Parking Places) (No. 1) Order 2017, the Lambeth (Free Parking Places) (Disabled Persons) (No. 3) Order 2017, the Lambeth (Free Parking Places) (Limited Time) (No. 3) Order 2017, the Lambeth (Loading Places) (No. 3) Order 2017 and the Lambeth (Waiting and Loading Restriction) (Amendment No. 263) Order 2017 under sections 6, 45, 46, 49 and 124 of and Part IV of Schedule 9 to the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended.  The Orders will come into force on 22nd July 2017.

2.​The general effect of the Orders will be to:-

(a) revoke an existing shared-use residents’/pay and display parking space on the south side of Station Rise, so as to provide:-
a. a new disabled persons’ parking place outside No. 11 Station Rise; and
b. a new shared-use loading place and limited free time parking place outside No. 12 Station Rise and at the side of No. 367 Norwood Road;
(b) revoke all other existing parking places in Station Rise and ban waiting at any time (except in the marked bays referred to above) in Station Rise instead.

3.​The disabled persons’ parking place will operate at any time and would be available for use only by vehicles which display in the relevant position a valid disabled persons’ blue badge issued by a local authority.

4.​The loading place will operate between 7 am and 10 am on Mondays to Saturdays inclusive and during these times only goods vehicles being continually loaded or unloaded for periods of not more than 30 minutes will be able to park in the loading place and vehicles will not be able to return to the loading place within 2 hours of leaving it.

5.​The limited free time parking place will be available for use between 10 am and 6.30 pm on Mondays to Saturdays inclusive for a maximum period of 20 minutes with no return to the parking place within 40 minutes of leaving it.

6.​The Orders are necessary to improve parking facilities for people with disabilities, provide loading/unloading facilities to enable the delivery/collection of goods and assist in regulating parking whilst encouraging a turnover for trade and shops in the area and so improve safety and the amenity of the area.

7.​If you have any enquiries, please telephone the Council’s Capital Programme Team on 0207 926 8406.

Pushing for stronger planning enforcement in Tulse Hill

We have been concerned by recent changes in Tulse Hill – the use of the space on the corner of Thurlow Park Road and Norwood Road, and changes in use from retail to residential of shops and cafes on Station Rise. We have been pushing planning enforcement officers to address these issues.

Officers have visited the neighbourhood and written to the used car business on the corner of Thurlow Park Road. The proposed car wash being installed has been halted as it did not have planning permission, the area which was paved without permission has been depaved and damage caused by cars on the pavement to the electrical post by the bus stop has been reported to the Highways team. We believe that further work is required to check that car sales is a legitimate use of the site, to remove paving and to require that discarded concrete is removed to make the area less unsightly. We also want to ensure no part of the property is being used without authorisation as an HMO.

On Station Rise, we are worried about the apparent trend to convert retail units into flats. The Streetworks project will hopefully create a pleasant town centre space where people can use shops and cafes – retaining active shop fronts is important for this.


Twist on Station Rise first time success

Twist is a new monthly pop-up market on Station Rise by Tulse Hill station. Thursday was the first event and it was a great success! 

Organised by Tree Shepherd, Twist is an opportunity for local business owners to trade at affordable prices. Tree Shepherd offer enterprise training to help first time startups and jobless people become self-employed and Twist as an opportunity for them to test and showcase their skills and businesses. 

We were at Twist talking to commuters about Streetworks – asking for priorities and ideas on how we can work together to improve Norwood Road and the one way system by Tulse Hill station.

Streetworks will have a stall every month so please come and share your ideas.

Pre-consultation – Base station installation – Tulse Hill, Station Rise

Vodafone and Telefónica are in the process of identifying a suitable site in the Tulse Hill area for a radio base station as this would improve coverage in the area.

Please find below the details of the proposed site and the alternative site options considered and discounted in their site selection process: –

Tulse Hill North Terminal, Station Rise, Tulse Hill, London, SE27 9BW – NGR: 531935, 173178 – this is the preferred option as the site provides adequate coverage, its proposed position is considered suitable in the context for the telecommunications base station. Taking into account the development’s siting and appearance when read in its current environment, it is considered that a scheme in this location will not undermine the visual amenity of the area with minimal impact on the sky-line.

Alternative site options considered and rejected are as follows:

Akosa Event Hall, 327 Norwood Road, Tulse Hill, London, SE24 9AH – NGR: 531778, 173135 – Discounted on the basis the site provider said no.

Peabody Hill SW, Peabody Hill, Birkbeck Road, Tulse Hill, London, SE21 8JS – NGR: 532052, 173172 – Discounted due to the land identified not being adopted highways land. The owner of the private land declined to accommodate an operator.

317 Norwood Road, Herne Hill, Tulse Hill, London, SE24 9AQ – NGR: 531819, 173238 – Lambeth Council owned building. At the time of the site selection, Lambeth Council were not allowing new telecoms sites on their buildings.

Peabody Estate, Rosendale Road, Tulse Hill, London, SE24 9EE – NGR: 532029, 173679 – Site provider declined to accommodate an operator.

Rosendale Allotments, Knights Hill, Birkbeck Road, SE21 8LA – NGR: 532154, 173233 – No response from the site provider.

If you have any thoughts, concerns or comments on the above please let us know.