Summer Fun for Youngsters

Despite government cuts, Lambeth Council has continued to do everything we can to maintain youth clubs, adventure playgrounds and one o’clock clubs. This summer, we have more than 100 activities and places to go that are listed in Lambeth’s summer programme brochure, many of them free of charge.

The brochure, available online on the Young Lambeth website and in libraries, also lists 12 one o’clock clubs and eight libraries running holiday sessions along with youth clubs and more specialist courses, sports and programmes. Many are subsidised by funding from the council, with extra raised by the dozens of voluntary organisations which run the activities. We have also listed paid-for activities which represent good value in terms of holiday childcare for working parents. 

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Councillor Max Deckers-Dowber to the Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, Councillor Jane Edbrooke

Supplementary Question

Councillor Deckers-Dowber asked what communities could do in order to work with the Council as there was likely to be a £20m government funding shortfall this year, and therefore co-operative management of green spaces was essential.

Supplementary Answer

Councillor Edbrooke responded that the Council was still committed to co-operative values. The Council was looking at losing £55m in funding and would therefore need to work with residents to ensure services were delivered. Rosendale Playing fields, for example, was looking to set up a community interest company in order to take over the lease and raise money to ensure future investment.

Last February we posted on the forthcoming tree planting that was to take place in the ward, and which was due in large part to the residents of Thurlow Park. 

The residents association on Chancellor Grove are a great example of a positive community in action.

As an update we wanted to let residents now that while we await trees to be planted in Guernsey, Harpenden, Ulverstone and Deronda we expect to see Romola, Berwyn and Deerbroke added to the tree replacement list for next season. 

The West Norwood and Tulse Hill Business Improvement District (BID) is set to be voted on next month by local businesses in the area. Known as ‘Station to Station’ the project it is an association of businesses between Tulse Hill and West Norwood Station that will have the power to promote businesses, invest in common services and help shape the area more generally to make it more friendly for everyone who uses local shops and businesses. 

The BID will now need to be formally constituted which involves all local businesses voting in a referendum on constituting a BID which will be held via a postal vote over the next month. 

If you need any details about this or are a local business that has not yet got involved – get in touch we would love to help. 

The BID hosted an impressive fashion show at the Portcio Gallery recently show casing local fashion designs and using local models. Station to Staion launched their manifesto which included aims to ring in more customers locally, and to make the area greener. It was a glamorous showcase for business, entrepreneurship and creativity in the Norwood community.

This is just the start. Lt’s hope that in the coming months this is the springboard for future events.  

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More trees coming to Thurlow Parks’ streets

Over the coming months lots of new trees will be planted across the borough, and specifically, in Thurlow Park, as well as in other parts of Norwood. 

This comes after much hard work from many residents. We will continue to support residents that requests treee so please let us know if your street needs a tree replaced. 

The streets that should see new trees are; St Faiths, Guernsey, Deronda, Elmcourt, Birkbeck Hill, Carson, Rosendale, Tulsemere, Chancellor, Arduli, Eastmearn, Lancaster, Harpenden, and Ulverstone.