Last February we posted on the forthcoming tree planting that was to take place in the ward, and which was due in large part to the residents of Thurlow Park. 

The residents association on Chancellor Grove are a great example of a positive community in action.

As an update we wanted to let residents now that while we await trees to be planted in Guernsey, Harpenden, Ulverstone and Deronda we expect to see Romola, Berwyn and Deerbroke added to the tree replacement list for next season. 

As your Thurlow Park ward representatives in Lambeth we’ve supported a proposal to make London the world’s first National Park City. ‘A city where people and nature are better connected’.

‘A city that is rich with wildlife and every child benefits from exploring, playing and learning outdoors. A city where we all enjoy high-quality green spaces, the air is clean to breathe, it’s a pleasure to swim in its rivers and green homes are affordable. Together we can make London a greener, healthier and fairer place to live. Together we can make London a National Park City.

In the UK, we have 15 unique and inspiring National Parks. These parks are home to more than 400,000 people and host over 80 million visitors each year. They are extraordinarily important resources, managed for relatively low cost. In 2012 England’s National Parks contributed as much to the economy as the UK aerospace sector. Each year they cost each of us just 80p’.

If you’d like to find out more, or see which other wards have signed up, please follow this link –