Our work on community safety on Cedar Close

Your local cllrs have been talking to residents in Cedar Close and a number of people have raised concerns about security following recent burglaries. We understand that a letter has been sent to the management company for Cedar Close requesting urgent action to improve the security of entrance doors, install enhanced security lighting and to keep vegetation adequately pruned.

As your local Labour team, we are very concerned that resident safety is being compromised by such basic security issues and that it has been necessary for residents to collectively write to Remus Management Ltd about this. This is unacceptable and, so we are contacting Remus Management Ltd ourselves, supporting the recent letter requesting action to improve security.

We are also aware that there have been several recent fly-tipping incidents in Cedar Close and are keeping an eye on this.

After much community, resident and Council work it is great to see these new additions at the bottom on Ullswater Road, just off from Norwood Road. 

Flytipping is an issue we take seriously and have been working hard with those in the local community to try and find ways to deal with the issue and where rubbish is dumped have it cleared quickly. 

Lambeth Council has for some time been running various campaigns to challenge flytipping including the recent ‘Not on Our Streets’ work and the development of ‘Street Champions’ – http://love.lambeth.gov.uk/do-the-right-thing/

For more information about, and ways to report flytipping, please visit – https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/rubbish-and-recycling/report-rubbish/report-dumped-rubbish-in-a-public-place

Making West Norwood’s streets cleaner

We are disappointed that despite the investment in new pavements, in some areas Norwood Road is impacted by dumped rubbish. Flytipping and commercial waste left on the pavements sometimes stains them and is unpleasant when people are shopping, living, working and travelling locally.

We have been working with residents to identify the hotspots and have organised for Lambeth’s commercial waste officer to visit businesses to make sure they have the right arrangements in place for rubbish collections. We are also looking to get particularly damaged areas of new paving jet washed. 

If you regularly see an area on Norwood Road or the Tulse Hill gyratory where rubbish is dumped, please do get in touch.

Earlier this month a new environmental enforcement service designed to issue Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) for littering, spitting, street urination and dog fouling will begin. 

This service will work alongside the existing Community Safety service and help to provide additional enforcement activity to tackle offending behaviour which has an impact on environmental quality in the borough. 

Tackling flytipping in Thurlow Park

The Council’s temporary Environmental Enforcement team has been active in Thurlow Park, investigating and labelling dumped residential waste and domestic flytipping. They’ve been taking action – issuing fixed penalty notices.

The following locations in the ward were patrolled – Thurlow Hill, Norwood Road, Birkbeck Hill, Peabody Hill, Rosendale Road, Turney Road, Dalkeith Road, Deronda Road, Romola Road, Deerbrook Road, Berwyn Road, Brockwell Park Gardens, St Faith’s Road, Avenue Park Road, Elmcourt Road, Maley Avenue, Lancaster Avenue, Tulsemere Road, Towton Road, Hexham Road, Lavengro Road, Dalmore Road, Carson Road, Eastmearn Road, Croxted Road, Ebury Mews, Thurlow Park Road, Lovelace Road and Ardlui Road. 

Seven fixed penalty notices were issued between Monday 2nd to Saturday 7th November. 

If you have any suggestions of problematic locations for waste, please get in touch or report it online here – www.lambeth.gov.uk/rubbish-and-recycling/report-rubbish/report-dumped-rubbish-in-a-ppublic-place