Labour in Lambeth guarantees weekly bin collections in Lambeth

Lambeth Labour has committed to maintaining weekly bin collections as part of its manifesto for May’s local elections.

Despite government funding cuts of over £250 million forced on Lambeth council by the Conservatives, Labour has pledged to protect weekly collections of residual waste and recycling. Across the country, over three-quarters of councils have abandoned weekly collections due to government cuts in funding but Lambeth has always maintained the service.

Since 2014, Lambeth Labour has saved £450,000 a year by introducing new green bins and at the same time increased the rate of recycling.

Councillor Jennifer Brathwaite, Cabinet Member for Environment and Housing said: “Collecting people’s bins is the most basic service that the council delivers – and residents rightly expect that it should happen regularly and efficiently.

We guarantee to collect people’s bins every week – it’s one of the key services that residents pay their council tax for. We’re able to do that because Labour has managed Lambeth council well, improving services and cutting down on waste despite huge government cuts.

And after the Green Party leader, who is standing for election in Lambeth, went on national TV to argue for an end to weekly collections, residents rightly are concerned that Lambeth could end up looking like Brighton when it was run by the Greens, with huge mounds of rubbish piled up in the streets.”

Ambitious plans to make Lambeth cleaner and greener are at the heart of Labour’s manifesto. Labour has committed to continuing its record investment in fixing potholes and resurfacing roads. The Vale Street recycle and refuse centre will be kept open and free to use, and we will continue our crackdown on fly-tipping and littering by expanding the street enforcement team.

Labour’s full manifesto for a better, fairer Lambeth is available at


After much community, resident and Council work it is great to see these new additions at the bottom on Ullswater Road, just off from Norwood Road. 

Flytipping is an issue we take seriously and have been working hard with those in the local community to try and find ways to deal with the issue and where rubbish is dumped have it cleared quickly. 

Lambeth Council has for some time been running various campaigns to challenge flytipping including the recent ‘Not on Our Streets’ work and the development of ‘Street Champions’ –

For more information about, and ways to report flytipping, please visit –

Events in Brockwell Park

Brockwell Park has been holding a number of different events recently, ranging from dance festivals to fun runs. We know from speaking to residents who often enjoy going to these events, that ensuring they are well run, not unduly disruptive and that the park is kept tidy is very important to them. 

We have been doing a lot of work with the Brockwell Park Community Partners and Park officers to try and improve the way these events work in the park, and in terms of the impact they have on local users. 

One area where there has been considerable concern is the amount of rubbish in the park which significantly escalates during and after events but also when the weather is warm on weekends leading to overflowing bins. 

We have continued to work with officers to help secure extra resources between April and September to better manage the increase in litter. This includes weekend litter picks and dustcarts around the park, larger bins to absorb the increased waste at key points and new mechanised sweepers. This should hopefully keep the park clean for residents to enjoy the sunshine.

We are making recycling and rubbish collection easier for everyone with a new neighbourhood based approach that means all your recycling and rubbish will be collected and your street cleared of litter on the same day.

The weekly collection includes:

Black bins for rubbish
Green bins for recycling (or recycling sacks if you still use them)
Food waste
Garden waste if you subscribe to that service
Pre-booked bulky waste collections

This new co-ordinated system will make our service more efficient and convenient for you while at the same time improving the environment and the cleanliness of your street.

For more information please visit –

Green wheelie bins being delivered next week in Thurlow Park

As highlighted in one of our December blogs from Monday 16 January 2017 green wheelie bins for recycling will start to be delivered to residents in Thurlow Park, replacing the current clear recycling sack service.

The new bins will:
• Encourage recycling as the new bins will hold five times more waste than a clear recycling sack
• Save money as over 10 million recycling sacks are issued every year – at huge cost to the Council. The new bins will save £450,000 per year.
• Make streets cleaner and tidier as for the first time waste collection, bulky collections and street cleansing will all take place on the same day. The mess created by foxes and other pests tearing open sacks will be significantly reduced, making streets look cleaner and tidier.

The new bins aren’t for food or garden waste. Food waste bins can be ordered by calling 020 7929 9000 and you can subscribe to the garden waste collection service online –

If you have any questions regarding the new bins please visit –

New green recycling wheelie bins – starts in January 2017

To help you recycle more sustainably, we’re replacing the current clear recycling sack recycling service for the majority of street properties with green recycling wheelie bins starting in January 2017.

This will allow you to put your recycling in the green recycling wheelie bin any time. The bins hold five times as much as a clear recycling sack and they will keep your recycling dry and make it hard for foxes (and other pests) to spread it all over the pavement.

The new bins aren’t for food or garden waste. Food waste bins can be ordered by calling 020 7929 9000 and you can subscribe to the garden waste collection service online –

To find out more please go to –

Tackling flytipping in Thurlow Park

The Council’s temporary Environmental Enforcement team has been active in Thurlow Park, investigating and labelling dumped residential waste and domestic flytipping. They’ve been taking action – issuing fixed penalty notices.

The following locations in the ward were patrolled – Thurlow Hill, Norwood Road, Birkbeck Hill, Peabody Hill, Rosendale Road, Turney Road, Dalkeith Road, Deronda Road, Romola Road, Deerbrook Road, Berwyn Road, Brockwell Park Gardens, St Faith’s Road, Avenue Park Road, Elmcourt Road, Maley Avenue, Lancaster Avenue, Tulsemere Road, Towton Road, Hexham Road, Lavengro Road, Dalmore Road, Carson Road, Eastmearn Road, Croxted Road, Ebury Mews, Thurlow Park Road, Lovelace Road and Ardlui Road. 

Seven fixed penalty notices were issued between Monday 2nd to Saturday 7th November. 

If you have any suggestions of problematic locations for waste, please get in touch or report it online here –