Work begins on the Norwood Road zebra crossing

We are thrilled that work has started on the new zebra crossing on Norwood Road, next to Harpenden Road.

Road safety is our top priority and we have been really disappointed by the delays to the delivery of this scheme. Initially, a complaint held up the delivery, and then complications regarding road traffic orders. These have been resolved, and in the meantime we organised for the contractors to be on site every morning with stop/go signs to help students cross the road to school.

The zebra crossing was a key aspect of Streetworks, designed by the community in workshops and receiving significant support during extensive consultation. We worked with Elmgreen School as well as local groups like the Norwood and Tulse Hill Forums and the Business Improvement District to ensure residents had many opportunities to have their say including meetings, workshops, market stalls, in-person surveys, social media and letters through every local door.

Harpenden consultation results
Results from the final consultation on plans for the new zebra crossing


Our support for the Norwood Planning Assembly

Today, Lambeth Council will consider the application from the Norwood Planning Assembly to designate West Norwood and its surrounding neighbourhood as a neighbourhood planning area. This means local people get a greater say in how the area develops.

As your local councillors, we have been very proactive in working with the Norwood Planning Assembly volunteers and the wider community to develop the proposal – in particular, in his role as Norwood Area Lead, Fred has been busy liaising with officers, providing feedback from residents, helping to agree boundaries with other neighbourhood planning groups in Herne Hill and Tulse Hill, involving stakeholders like Brockwell Park and providing support in developing the final plans.

We have submitted the following statement on behalf of the West Norwood councillors in support of the final proposals being considered by the council today –

Norwood Planning Assembly Application for Designation


1. This is a combined submission from all Norwood Councillors in the three wards making up the Norwood area – Gipsy Hill, Knights Hill and Thurlow Park wards – to the application for the Combined Neighbourhood Area and Forum Application submitted by the Norwood Planning Assembly (NPA) on 8 March 2017 for designation for a local plan under the 2011 Locality Act.

The NPA and its composition

2. The NPA is formed of two longstanding local groups the Norwood Forum and the Norwood Action Group (NAG). These groups have a strong local presence and have since the summer of 2015 engaged in constructive work to make the plans for the local community known to the wider area. This has included a range of activities including public meetings and engagement through different networks and they have work closely with the Masterplan refresh process from 2015-2016 and used the data gathered in this process to inform their application, which as a consequence has a strong evidence base.

3. They have a presence across all three wards and Councillors have worked with members from this group. The requirement that membership be drawn from different places in the neighbourhood area concerned and from different sections of the community in that area has been fulfilled by the NPA in the preparation and submission of this application.  All other requirements for designation under the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 section 61F(7)(a) are met by the text of this application.

The area for designation

4. Part of the process described in paragraph 3 above was the negotiation and confirmation of precise boundaries of the area beginning in 2016. This took the administrative unit of the Norwood Ward boundaries as a starting point and then worked to assess whether these related to planning considerations and the public identification of the area.  The boundaries represent an accurate picture of the Norwood Area.

5. After consultation the and public engagement the following boundaries were agreed with other neighbourhood forums

a. In the South of the area – the boundary traverses a significant part of the South of Gipsy Hill Ward, which falls into the Upper Norwood and Crystal Palace forum. This boundary reflects both surveys of the area and the work that other forums. It also would pose no real impediment in planning terms.
b. In the North of the area  – this area covers the streets in the Brockwell Park and Rosendale Road area of the Ward.  Door knocking, residents association consultations and survey data placed this area in Herne Hill and as a consequence will come within the Herne Hill local plan.  

6. The NPA has agreed MOU’s with the Tulse Hill forum who are working on a neighbourhood plan to the west of the proposed designated area and with Brockwell Park Community Partners (which given the final boundaries is no longer relevant).  

7. The boundaries represent an area that would be known and recognised as West Norwood and the final boundary has been arrived at through a process characterised with high levels of public engagement.  


8. Norwood Councillors support the designation of the NPA and the boundaries of their local plan set out in their designation documents.

Great turnout at the first StreetWorks co-design workshop

Following a petition from local Labour councillors and hundreds of local residents, the Mayor of London granted £5m to transform the one-way system in Tulse Hill. Officers secured an additional £2m to improve Norwood Road.

We believe that local people and businesses are best placed to make decisions about how to improve their neighbourhood, so Cllr Anna Birley has been working to ensure the project is led by the local community. StreetWorks was therefore set up to create a partnership between the Norwood Forum, the Tulse Hill Forum, local councillors, residents and businesses, Lambeth Council and Transport for London. The budget for community engagement has been devolved to StreetWorks and the community chose the design consultants to support the project.

To ensure as many people as possible can have their say, we have organised a series of co-design workshops. These are a forum for local people and businesses to feed in ideas and suggestions, and to choose the final scheme design. 

The first StreetWorks co-design workshop was last Tuesday and it was a huge success! With 50 people attending, the discussions were lively and constructive. Updates will be posted to – you can also post further ideas on the online forum and find out how to get more involved.

The next workshops are – 

  • 13 October 2015 
  • 10 November 2015
  • 8 December 2015

– all at 6.30-8.30pm at the Salvation Army Hall on Norwood Road.

Have web skills, looking for project?

We need local web designers and developers who we can commission to create an engaging website for our project to improve Norwood and Tulse Hill. 

Take a look at our web brief here

We’ve written a web brief and budget with the local community – if you think you have something to offer, please come along to our Web Speed Dating event on Thursday 25th June 4-6pm at the James Wilson Coffee Shop. 


Why speed dating?

We want to do something fun and informal where you can meet the people who will be purchasing and using the website – so that they can ask you questions and listen to your brilliant ideas. 

Members of the project group will be on hand so that you can have a short discussion with each. They’ll be listening out for approaches and ideas that impress them and that will help us to decide a local web design and develop partner.

Please let us know if you can make it hereAnd if there’s anything you’re unsure about, get in touch on or @annamayb 

Norwood Forum – community event

The Norwood Forum is holding a community funding event on Saturday 7th March between 2-5pm at the Old Library on Knights Hill.

They are looking for local community minded residents and invite you to come along to support and vote for your favourite local project. They have 4 pots of £400 and so far, 6 projects to choose from. The timetable for the event is is as follows;

1-2 projects set up their tables

2-3 3 minute presentation from each group

3-4 Time to vote

4-5 Counting of the votes and winners announced, cheques presented.

Please feel free to pass these details onto any local groups you may have connections with as it’s not too late for them to sign up. Friday 6th is the last day for applications. Applicants can email or to call Jan Ware on 07812 260906.

Norwood Forum Pensioners’ Christmas lunch

The Norwood Forum Pensioners’ Group invites you to a day of festive cheer for the over 55s. The Festive lunch will take place on Tuesday 16 December at the Old Library, 14-16 Knights Hill between 10:00 and 16:30. The order of the day will be……
12.00 to 12.15 – Introduction and Welcome by NPG and Norwood Forum
12.15 to 12.45 – Warm and Well talk by AGE UK LAMBETH
13.00 to 14.30 – Lunch
14.00 to 14.30 – Warm and Well gentle exercise
14.30 to 15.15- Raffle and Christmas Songs
15.30 to 16.30 – Line Dancing

RSVP to 020 8766 9280

Robson Road junction proposals

Cllr Ann Kingsbury wrote to the Head of Transportation at Lambeth Council to express her strong support for the views of the Norwood Forum and Norwood Action Group in response to traffic plans of the Norwood Road /Robson Road junction.

As you may well be aware, there has been extensive consultation on the junction and there seems to be widespread approval for Lambeth’s proposals – which also include a pedestrian crossing and better design for cyclists.

From the pedestrian point of view the introduction of staggered crossings is not an improvement in either safety or amenity, as its quiet possible that people will be tempted to cross the road in a straight line and will take risks in doing so.

The current Lambeth proposals should result in improved safety, but it would appear that the TfL modifications give pedestrians and cyclists safety and amenity a lower priority. It also appears that these modifications could lead to a loss of road space and force cyclists to compete for access.

In any case, banning a left turn at the junction with Robson Road will presumably force traffic to turn into Ernest Avenue or Hannen Road to join the northbound traffic on Knight’s Hill and then right into Robson Road. This will effectively create a new gyratory system and introduce the possibility of the junction being blocked by the 322 bus turning right. The plans do not seem to allow for a permitted left turn for buses, an it is difficult to see how this will improve journey times for passengers on the 322 in the Crystal Palace direction.

Furthermore, the route along Robson Road, turning left at West Norwood is the only direct route between West Norwood and West Dulwich. Although only a small proportion of West Norwood traffic takes this route, the amount is still sufficient. If redirected down other left turns off the Norwood Road an increase in traffic would be to the detriment to the centre.