Work begins on the Norwood Road zebra crossing

We are thrilled that work has started on the new zebra crossing on Norwood Road, next to Harpenden Road.

Road safety is our top priority and we have been really disappointed by the delays to the delivery of this scheme. Initially, a complaint held up the delivery, and then complications regarding road traffic orders. These have been resolved, and in the meantime we organised for the contractors to be on site every morning with stop/go signs to help students cross the road to school.

The zebra crossing was a key aspect of Streetworks, designed by the community in workshops and receiving significant support during extensive consultation. We worked with Elmgreen School as well as local groups like the Norwood and Tulse Hill Forums and the Business Improvement District to ensure residents had many opportunities to have their say including meetings, workshops, market stalls, in-person surveys, social media and letters through every local door.

Harpenden consultation results
Results from the final consultation on plans for the new zebra crossing


Zebra crossing campaign success

We are thrilled to let you know that after a number of months delay, the zebra crossing on Norwood Road, by the junction with Harpenden Road, will be installed this Easter.

We have been pushing for a safer crossing on this section on Norwood Road for the last three years, as it is a busy and dangerous place to cross for many Elmgreen students travelling to and from school, and residents using the bus stops and local shops.

We secured funding from TfL as part of the Streetworks improvements to West Norwood, and the design for the crossing was developed collaboratively in workshops and public events with students, parents, local residents and businesses. Around 15,000 leaflets were distributed across West Norwood over a period of many months inviting residents to regular consultation and design events.

Hundreds of you took part, and this showed in the formal consultation when 82% of respondents supported the final plans, as shown in the breakdown of results below –

Work began to install the new crossing with the removal of the central reservation. However, a late complaint stalled the continuation of works while it was investigated.

As your local councillors, we have been very concerned that despite hundreds of residents and students taking part in designing the proposals, and the overwhelming support for it during the extensive consultation, one complaint has held up its construction. The scheme being put on hold while this one complaint is investigated means the crossing is even more dangerous than it was before. We have had hundreds of emails from parents and teachers frustrated with the situation.

The delay has been exacerbated by local Conservative and Lib Dem candidates trying to use the complaint to score political points. We don’t believe that it is right to put party politics above young people’s safety on our roads.

As your local councillors, we called for urgent work to install the community’s original plans for a zebra crossing, and for local opposition to put safety before political point scoring. We are really grateful for the support of parents, staff and students at Elmgreen School in writing to officers and Lambeth’s cabinet to speed up the delivery of a safe crossing – and we’re thrilled that your work has paid off! Work to install the crossing will start in the Easter holidays.

Parking, Harpenden Road & new  Zebra crossing proposal

Lambeth Council have issued a notice about proposals to ban vehicles proceeding in Norwood Road (with the exception of cyclists) from entering Harpenden Road, ban vehicles (all vehicles) exiting Harpenden Road from turning right into Norwood Road, make changes to the existing residents’ and shared use parking places in Harpenden Road and impose at any time waiting restrictions (double yellow lines) at those locations instead. 

The notice also looks to re-define the existing free limited time parking places so they better reflect the situation on the ground, install a new entry treatment (road hump) in Harpenden Road at its junction with Norwood Road and provide a new zebra pedestrian crossing in Norwood Road by Harpenden Road. 

The general effect of the Orders would be:–

(a)​ to remove a length of shared use parking place outside Nos.  1 to 7 Harpenden Road and reduce a length of shared use parking place in Harpenden Road at the side of Nos. 248/250 Norwood Road and impose at “any time” waiting restrictions (double yellow lines) instead;

(b)​ ban vehicles proceeding in Harpenden Road from turning right into Norwood Road;

©​ ban vehicles proceeding in Norwood Road from entering Harpenden Road (except pedal cycles);

(d)​ impose a compulsory left turn from Harpenden Road into Norwood Road; 

(e) redefine the length of certain existing Free Limited Time parking places in Harpenden Road so that they better reflect the situation on the ground (there will be no change to the terms and conditions of use).

All objections and other representations relating to the proposed Orders, cycle tracks or pedestrian crossings must be made in writing and all objections must specify the grounds on which they are made and should be sent to Barbara Poulter, Highways and Enforcement Group, Lambeth Council, 5th Floor, Blue Star House, 234-244 Stockwell Road, London SW9 9SP, by 5th January 2018.