The StreetWorks project has been busy of late working with cyclists regarding wider pavements near Ira Court, and the developing one way system by Tulse Hill. 

Furthermore, the StreetWorks project has been nominated for The Association for Project Management awards in the category of Social Project of the Year. This is for our work on project management training with young people in West Norwood and Tulse Hill. 

If you’d like more information please visit –

In other news StreetWorks are going to be designing some posters and leaflets to give to businesses along Norwood Road – but would like it if someone locally could help. Do you have a flair for graphic design, and want to help explain the project to others in the area? Drop them an email at

Lambeth Council in partnership with the Friends of West Norwood Cemetery (FoWNC) has been successful in obtaining a Round One grant under the HLF Parks for People programme. 

The grant of £241,000 represents 52% of the development costs of a Round Two bid of £4,804,800 towards the total project cost of £7,165,333. 

The bid envisages capital investment in drainage, footpath, and roadway improvements, boundary wall, railings, and entrance gate repair/maintenance, landscape restoration, signage and furniture improvements, and works to monuments, perhaps including some of those in the Greek Cemetery.

In addition, the possibilities of building a visitor centre and of a second, pedestrian entrance to the cemetery at eastern end of Robson Road will be evaluated.

 The bid will also explore new ways of interpreting the history of the cemetery and also includes provision for training for staff and volunteers, and for apprentices in horticulture and in stone/monument repair/conservation. All-in-all then a comprehensive programme of works is envisaged that, together with an agreed way forward on monument restoration and grave re-use should ensure the future of the cemetery for years to come.

Project manager, Joahanne Flaherty has been appointed. Along with another officer Joahanne spoke to many local residents at the recent June 2017 WN FEAST about the project and its possibilities. 

In addition, Harrison Associates have been appointed as Consultants to the project.

Cllr Max Deckers Dowber is on the Project Steering Group along with members of the Scheme of Management Committee, the FoWNC, the local community and the Cabinet lead, Cllr Sonia Winifred. 

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Norwood Road southbound, from Tulse Hill station to Elmcourt Road, will be closed from the evening of Monday 12th June till 30th July. 

This closure is for Thames Water to complete its work to reline the water mains for our local area. Southbound traffic from Brixton & Herne Hill will enter West Norwood via Lancaster Avenue. Southbound buses from Herne Hill (196, 322, 468, 690 & N68) will diverted along Croxted Road to Thurlow Park Road to turn into Lancaster Avenue.

There have been improvement works being undertaken on Norwood Road with the new street design starting to shape. 

However, if you are unclear as to what the final product will look like the technical drawings outlining the plans for Norwood High Street are now online, and you can check out how your thoughts and ideas of other residents have fed into the designs here –

One of the StreetWorks community priorities is to create a diagonal crossing for pedestrians at the junction of York Hill and Lancaster Avenue and the project want local residents to design it! Above is an example of a crossing design in Brixton. 

The STreetWorks project team are looking for outstanding two dimensional artwork that will be applied to the surface of the crossing area. 

Submit your designs via this link by 4th June 2017

There are 3 categories:
Primary School (4-10)
Secondary School (11-16)
Anything over (17+) 

Public voting will open on 12th June to select the winning entry from each of the categories. Working in collaboration with local businesses via the Station to Station Business Improvement District there will be an arts trail to help you vote for your favourite designs.

The overall winner will be announced in September 2017

Get creating and submit your designs which could soon be on our streets!

Temporary road closures in Thurlow Park

Due to the construction of raised entry treatments in Avenue Park Road and Elmcourt Road and a Copenhagen crossing in Station Rise at their junctions with Norwood Road there will be some temporary road closures. 

Lambeth Council have made an Order the effect of which will be to temporarily ban vehicles from entering:

(a) that length of Avenue Park Road which lies between Norwood Road and a point 32 metres north-east of Norwood Road (alternative routes for vehicles will be available via (i) Norwood Road, Elmcourt Road and Maley Avenue; and (ii) Norwood Road, Elmcourt Road and Thurlow Park Road)

(b) that length of Elmcourt Road which lies between Norwood Road and a point 2 metres north-east of the common boundary of No. 415 Norwood Road and No. 1 Elmcourt Road (alternative routes for vehicles will be available via (i) Norwood Road, Avenue Park Road and Thurlow Park Road; and (ii) Thurlow Park Road, Lancaster Avenue and Norwood Road)

© Station Rise

This will come into force on Monday 24th April 2017 and it will continue for a maximum duration of 6 months or until the works have been completed whichever is the sooner.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

West Norwood and Tulse Hill: A Manual for Delivery

West Norwood and Tulse Hill are undergoing a programme of change ranging from street and park improvements to research and development around key business and industrial areas. Over recent years and across the next few years the area will have benefitted from a total of around 30 million pounds worth of capital investment. It is an exciting period for the communities in this area, who have a real opportunity to get involved and support positive change.

Lambeth Council have committed to a cooperative approach to project planning and project delivery within neighbourhoods undergoing regeneration therefore consultation is key to their success. Within the locality a number of communities and forums are building neighbourhoods plans. 

The Visioning West Norwood and Tulse Hill programme has seen a process of information gathering and masterplanning being developed for the local area over the last year. This programme has outlined the vision for the area, identified local community priorities and highlighted opportunities for development and investment in the area. 

The Visioning West Norwood and Tulse Hill programme consists of four strands:

An Economic Vision for the area
A Refresh of the 2009 Masterplan
A Health Check for the Key Industrial Business Area (KIBA)
The production of a Co-operative Local Investment Plan (CLIP)

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The link to he Lambeth site is here –