We are making recycling and rubbish collection easier for everyone with a new neighbourhood based approach that means all your recycling and rubbish will be collected and your street cleared of litter on the same day.

The weekly collection includes:

Black bins for rubbish
Green bins for recycling (or recycling sacks if you still use them)
Food waste
Garden waste if you subscribe to that service
Pre-booked bulky waste collections

This new co-ordinated system will make our service more efficient and convenient for you while at the same time improving the environment and the cleanliness of your street.

For more information please visit – https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/rubbish-and-recycling/rubbish-collections/find-your-bin-day

Green wheelie bins being delivered next week in Thurlow Park

As highlighted in one of our December blogs from Monday 16 January 2017 green wheelie bins for recycling will start to be delivered to residents in Thurlow Park, replacing the current clear recycling sack service.

The new bins will:
• Encourage recycling as the new bins will hold five times more waste than a clear recycling sack
• Save money as over 10 million recycling sacks are issued every year – at huge cost to the Council. The new bins will save £450,000 per year.
• Make streets cleaner and tidier as for the first time waste collection, bulky collections and street cleansing will all take place on the same day. The mess created by foxes and other pests tearing open sacks will be significantly reduced, making streets look cleaner and tidier.

The new bins aren’t for food or garden waste. Food waste bins can be ordered by calling 020 7929 9000 and you can subscribe to the garden waste collection service online – https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/rubbish-and-recycling/food-waste/arrange-or-renew-garden-waste-collections

If you have any questions regarding the new bins please visit – https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/greenbins

New green recycling wheelie bins – starts in January 2017

To help you recycle more sustainably, we’re replacing the current clear recycling sack recycling service for the majority of street properties with green recycling wheelie bins starting in January 2017.

This will allow you to put your recycling in the green recycling wheelie bin any time. The bins hold five times as much as a clear recycling sack and they will keep your recycling dry and make it hard for foxes (and other pests) to spread it all over the pavement.

The new bins aren’t for food or garden waste. Food waste bins can be ordered by calling 020 7929 9000 and you can subscribe to the garden waste collection service online – https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/rubbish-and-recycling/food-waste/arrange-or-renew-garden-waste-collections

To find out more please go to – https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/new-green-recycling-wheelie-bins

Vale Street Reuse and Recycling Centre – for Lambeth residents only. 

From 1st October 2016 the Vale Street Reuse and Recycling Centre (near Clive Road/Tritton Road) which many local residents use will be restricted to Lambeth residents only on production of proof of address.  The staff at the centre have been handing out leaflets to help with the transition. 

In recent years Southwark residents have been able to use the centre as part of a reciprocal arrangement with Lambeth but this will change from 1st October.

If you would like any further information please visit – www.lambeth.gov.uk/recycling

Golden ticket recycling scheme – the more you recycle, the greater your chances of winning

You should have received your Golden Tickets – hrough the door of in Lambeth Talk magazine. To be in with a chance of winning £250, all you need to do is fill out your details on the tickets and place them along with your clean, dry recycling into your recycling sack or bin for collection. You can enter a ticket each time you fill a recycling sack or use your shared recycling bin.

So the more you recycle, the more chance you have of winning!

If you haven’t received your tickets, or if you would like more, you can download them from the Western Riverside Waste Authority website.

Your clear recycling sacks are collected from the pavement outside the boundary of your property. You should put your recycling out by 6am on your collection day. Please make sure your recycling does not obstruct the footpath and that it is not put out before 8pm on the night before your collection.

Community prize draw

Estate residents’ associations and community groups can also enter the Community Prize Draw. Apply here for a grant of up to £2,500 to fund your project to improve recycling in your neighbourhood.

If you have a great idea for improving recycling or reducing waste, we’d love to hear it. Perhaps you would like to organise regular children’s clothes swaps, or set up a series of workshops to teach people how to mend clothes, electrical items or how to cook with leftovers? Whatever your idea, we’re waiting to hear from you.