Resurfacing Maintenance Programme 2016/2017

In our last blog piece in April 2016 we talked about the resurfacing works on Arduli, Guernsey, Trinity Rise, Deronda, Chatsworth and Idminston. 

As an update we wanted to inform residents that we have continued to campaign for further resurfacing works to be conducted on roads /pavements such as Eastmearn, Tulsemere and Chancllor as it’s a key issue for residents in our ward.

Working with the Cabinet lead, Cllr Braithwaite, we can now share an overview of the criteria involved in Lambeth’s decision making about which roads /pavements require resurfacing. 

The roads and pavements selected for an upgrade are dependant on the scores given following an assessment of every road and pavement in the borough.  The scores (out of 10) is based on a number of factors; 

In terms of roads, they are measured against a set of criteria, taking into consideration, the level of usage of the road, whether it’s considered to be a key network link, if its condition poses a health and safety risk, and a host of other aspects in order to work out the priority level such as; the road traffic sensitivity, planned engineering works and the local profile (i.e., near a school, church, leisure centre, hospital, park, museum and /or library). 

In terms of pavements, it is much the same for roads though they will also take into account the deprivation of the local area, its usage, the local profile, planned works and its linkages to other main pedestrian networks. 

As far as we are aware the next round of roads /pavements to be upgraded in second half of 2016/17 have not yet been compiled, so we will continue to campaign for those roads /pavements in our ward that we believe need to be revisited by officers and reassessed. 

As residents may have noticed there are a couple of resurfacing programmes going on in Thurlow Park at the moment with work on Arduli and Guersney roads /pavements having already started. Resurfacing works on Trinity and Deronda roads and Chatsworth and Idministon pavements will also be completed before the summer hopefully. 

Our campaign for road /pavement resurfacing has had some great success with roads like Carson and Lavengro having already been completed. We are going to continue campaigning for other roads /pavements in the ward like Chancellor, Tulsemere and Eastmearn to be resurfaced as its a key issue for residents in our ward. 

Council tax frozen – again

Lambeth Labour will freeze your council tax for the sixth year running. Show your support by signing our pledges here:

Labour Lambeth is on your side. Our approach is to be ambitious for everyone and rooted in fairness. In tough economic times we are working with residents to get things done.

Together we will continue to make Lambeth a place we are all proud of and because we listen to you, your priorities are our pledges.

Space for Cycling

We have been very pleased to see so many Thurlow Park residents writing to us about improving cycle safety and welcome the excellent work that the London Cycling Campaign has done in helping to coordinate some of the priorities of cyclists across Lambeth. The Labour Council have compiled a complete list of those priorities by ward across the borough, which we would be happy to share. As soon as we have more information about your proposal to make routes to Turney and Rosendale schools safer we will update you.

In the meantime, the Labour Council is working hard to make the borough as cycle friendly as possible. We are pleased to be the third most popular borough for cyclists in London and it is a Labour manifesto commitment to make Lambeth the most cycling friendly borough in London. Some steps we taking in this direction include;

Labour are committed to making a record investment in our road and pavement network. In the next 4 years alone Lambeth are going to repave 130 miles of highways and footpaths to help eliminate potholes and other obstacles that pose a threat to cyclists.

We are working with neighbouring Southwark to introduce a borough-wide 20MPH zone.

In Thurlow Park, many of you signed our petition last summer calling for greater safety measures around the Tulse Hill Gyratory. We managed to secure a £5 million investment to redesign the junction to make safer and more cycle friendly.

Under Labour, Lambeth were the first borough in the UK to introduce secure, covered cycle hangars on streets and estates for residents without spaces to store their cycles and we are looking to expand this provision.

In Thurlow Park we are working on improving road safety in and around the Rosendale School area to allow everyone to cycle safely, including better traffic monitoring and the potential addition of a cycle path.

Tackling crime in the ward

Since 2010 300 police officers have been taken off Lambeth’s streets as a result of huge funding cuts by London’s Tory Mayor. Thurlow Park Tories, despite their tough talk on crime, have stayed silent while their party slashes the number of uniformed officers on the beat in our community.

Thurlow Park labour want to make families feel safe, which is why we have:

1. Backed Lambeth’s ‘Lock It and Stop It’ programme which has resulted in a 38% reduction in burglaries across the borough.

2. Campaigned against cuts to police numbers and police stations closures across Lambeth.

3. Supported a tough licensing policy to crack down on anti-social behaviour caused by alcohol, including in Tulse Hill and on Norwod Road.

4. Worked with police to support their efforts to reduce gang crime by arresting serious offenders and persuading others to leave Lambeth’s gangs.

Green light for a bus to Peabody Hill

The location of Peabody Hill can make it difficult for some people with young children, the elderly and those with disabilities to access the local shops, transport connections, places of work and other services. We want to help fix this, and so, have ben campaigning for a new bus route.

Your local Labour councillor, Ann Kingsbury and Labour Action Team see this as a priority for the area and have submitted have spoken with Lambeth Council, Transport for London, Peabody and the London Assembly and have worked with residents ho have organised a petition.

We are delighted that Lambeth Council have given their full support to our request ad have submitted their views on the urgent need for a service during recent TfL consultation. In response to a question from Val Shawcross AM, the Mayor has written saying that TfL understand the need for a service but caution that it will cause changes to traffic management locally.

As a result TfL have acknowledged our views on the ned for the bus service and have agreed to begin discussion with lambeth on how it can be delivered. Your Labour Action Team and Lambeth Council will continue to make the bus service a priority and will campaign to improve access across Thurlow Park ward.

Community Hubs Challenge Fund

The Community Hubs Challenge Fund is being proposed by the council to make investment funds available for local community groups and community-led social enterprises. The fund will be used for the refurbishment and redevelopment of community facilities across the borough.

This funding will enable the next phase in the growth of the community hubs network in the borough, to provide safe places for residents, community groups, and small and medium sized enterprises from which they can operate and deliver services. Community hubs will provide a home where community growth, community action, volunteering and enterprise will flourish.

The fund proposes to fund project’s in two ways; 1) the Match Challenge Fund, and 2) the Challenge Fund Purse. A total of £1,000,000 funding will be available for the financial year 2014/2015. The fund will be open for a maximum of 12 months, using two proposed funding rounds: (1) June 2014 to September 2014 (2) November 2014 to January 2015.

Community Hubs Challenge Fund

Nettlefold Library – update

The process of getting the Library cleaned up in preparation for rebuilding works has been slowed down by squatters. It is very disappointing that they were able to gain access and although they have gone, they made so much mess that the asbestos decontamination is now much more complicated. This will not only delay the planning application but increase the size of the works, which will now have to go out to competitive tender.

Nevertheless the negotiations are still going ahead, a lease is being drawn up between Lambeth and the cinema company and some precious archives have been removed from the basement. All the Norwood councillors continue to press for progress. The Steering Group meets again in September.

Road resurfacing on Croxted Road

The southern section of Croxted Road, between the South Circular and Park Hall Road is to be resurfaced; this section of the road is the responsibility of Southwark Council. Labour councillors from College ward have been working with their council to minimise disruption caused by these repairs.

The northern section of the road, up to the Norwood Road junction is Lambeth’s responsibility. There are no plans at present to repair this stretch, although Cllr Ann Kingsbury has established that it has been recommended for resurfacing.